Small and Medium Enterprises Sector:

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) are recognized world over as the catalyst by which global economies are built. These enterprises provide the entrepreneurial vibrancy and vitality that in turn drives economic activity across different industries. In a  fast changing business world where every enterprise, be it small, medium or big is competing for the same space in the market, SMEs easily fall victim to the large, established enterprises who already occupy the bigger part of the market.

SME’s are therefore likely to be rendered non-competitive and it is therefore of maximum essence that SMEs device strategies of survival and or competitiveness in that kind of environment. SME’s find themselves in positions where they may not be aware that their enterprises are expanding or that the business environment in which they operate in is always prone to rampant change.

Consequently, we focus on supporting SME’s enhance their capacities in order to compete effectively in their allotted space. Additionally, we empower business leaders enabling them to set up efficient systems and structures that are apt in responding to their specific needs and in the process enhance business development.   


There has been noted expansion in the financial services sector driven by technological innovations such as mobile

money, which has opened new opportunities for financial inclusion. Nett has an in-depth understanding and vast expertise in the financial services market. We partner with our financial clients to help them design winning strategies in an increasingly challenging market.  The need for financial inclusion has increased as businesses pursue various market segments and appropriate delivery channels. 



Education is a major contributor to economic development, social cohesion and a critical shaper of culture in any society.  The advent of new technology as well as increasing changes in global labour markets has created a new era in which educators have to balance the challenges of globalization and the delivery of quality education.

Our Values Based Education (VBE) approach has proven to be a winning strategy in achieving this balance. The approach is focussed on significantly increasing the capacity in principals, teachers in all sectors ranging from those in early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. VBE adopts a holistic approach in learner development and aims to achieve innovation, creativity and transformation in both the teaching and learning processes.

Nett also provides advisory services that help governments, private and public agencies come up with workable solutions that address their educational challenges to ensure they produce globally competitive students. 

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Globalization has enabled the world to become one global village that is largely driven by the use of technology. This has created an environment in which technology companies have to be twice as fast in innovation and delivery-to-market as their competitors. As companies leverage technology to optimize their business operations and increase their customer engagement, technology companies’ executives are thriving at the forefront of change.

In this new challenging and uncertain market, technology companies are finding they have to consistently be faster and smarter to remain competitive in their industry. Nett has the insights of current and emerging trends in the technology, media and telecommunications industry to help our technology clients develop dynamic business models that ensure they remain competitive. 

Public sector

In an era of fiscal constraints governments are expected to deliver services to their citizenry more efficiently than ever before. This requirement is also compounded by other global challenges such as demographic change, rapid urbanisation, climatic change and resource scarcity with ever increasing population.

Nett Consultants leverages its vast knowledge to help government institutions improve on their delivery of public services as well as formulate citizen centric policies and programs that bring transformation to the lives of the people. 


Non-Profit / Non-Government

Over the past decades, non-profit organizations have contributed immensely to the building up and provision of critical services in various communities globally. This has however been in the midst of challenges that follow dynamically changing societies catalysed by globalization. To keep up with the dynamism, Nett has been active in this sector, ensuring that our non-profit clients are resourced to meet their objectives of empowering communities.

In an era of economic stagnation and resource constraints Non-profits have to be a unimore efficient and dynamic in their operations without compromising their mission goals. Our broad private and public sector expertise places us in que position to help our non-profit clients leverage on existing resources and collaborate effectively to navigate their toughest of challenges.  

Real Estate

In most countries the real estate asset pool is increasing exponentially. This has been brought about by increased urbanization, demographic changes, technological innovations and the shifting financial ecosystem. The real estate industry encompasses a broad spectrum of interests such as owners, occupiers, investors, fund and property managers, developers and lenders, as well as banks, insurance companies, pension and sovereign wealth funds. In the midst of today’s turbulent economic landscape, all of these parties face increasingly complex challenges. At Nett Consultants we walk with our clients throughout the journey ensuring they are supported every step of the way. This we do by giving much needed advisories, guidance and linkages that act to meet the needs of clients be they developers or agents.